Specialty Equipment

Freefly ALTA 8

“Carries Up to 40 lb”


  • Unfolded Diameter ( does not include Props):    52″
  • Folded Diameter (does not include Props):     25.98″
  • Number of Motors:     8
  • Weight/Maximum Gross For Takeoff:     40.0 lbs


“The Most Versatile Remote Arm In The World”


MotoCrane Classic/Cayenne Camera Car

The MotoCrane Classic system is a versatile 14′ crane arm that is designed to mount to just about any vehicle with a roof for car-to-car shooting. Subsequently, there is now an affordable tool that allows filmmakers to add production value and capture their dynamic car sequences without breaking the budget by trailering in a Russian Arm rig, or risking their lives by hanging out of a van (yes, we’ve all done it and we’re not proud of it!). This all in one package comes with everything you need to make your seemingly difficult or expensive driving scenes a breeze.  Call for daily/weekly rate:  501.372.1981


  • Boom Length | 14ft reach from the fulcrum
  • Max Payload | 55lbs
  • Recommended Heads | Movi XL + Pro, Shotover G1, Arri SRH-3, DJI Ronin 2, Flighthead Mini (Any Mitchell Mount)
  • Construction | 6061-T6, 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber


  • Max Wind Speed | 100 MPH (while arm skinny) 75+ MPH 360º rotation
  • Max Acceleration | 1g lateral, longitudinal
  • Max Controlled Speeds | 7 sec 360º Swing, 3 Sec 90ª deg Lift
  • Operating Temp | MIN: -30ºF/ -34ºC, MAX: 110ºF/ 43ºC
  • Motor Torque | Tilt axis, 1050ft-lbs peak torque, Swing axis 420ft-lbs peak torque
  • Passive Arm Dampening | 14″ Z-Axis, 45º Pitch and Roll Dampening (Adjustable dampening)
  • Weather Rating | Water Resistant (IP65)


  • Base Mounting | x4 TÜV-Certified 500kg 2-inch Speed rail clamp
  • Head Mounting | Mitchell Mount, + Universal Bolt Patterns (compatible with all Flowcine access)
  • Suction Speed Rail Kit | Flat, glossy 8″ mounting points for vacuum cups (non-fabric, non-glass)


  • Range of Motion | Unlimited Swing (Pan) Rotation, 35º Lift (Tilt) Up and Down
  • System Weight | 190 lbs unloaded, 370 lbs fully loaded (including max payload)
  • Boom | 30 lbs unloaded weight